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Kennedy Outdoors

Welcome to Kennedy Outdoors 

UPDATED 8/20/2020

 We want to become your local source for all your Outdoor and Camping needs. You will find some of the "staple" goods for your outdoor and camping adventures and you will also find some very unique items that maybe you didn't know existed.

Look for our monthly  product review spotlight. 

Announcing NEW PRODUCTS!!

New exciting items made in the USA !! 

Visit our online store today! 


We don't just sell products here, we want you to come here for new ideas of places to go whether its for just a day adventure, take some beautiful photographs of our surroundings, or plan out that camping trip you or your family have dreamed about. You can share your adventures here for all to see and maybe inspire them on their next fabulous journey. 

Wherever your adventures take you, we hope we can make it just a little bit easier. Thank you for supporting your local business......Tom Kennedy Jr.

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