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  • Can I have a logo or design I saw online engraved?
    We have a very strict policy regarding infringement of copyrighted images or trademarks. Even if you see it on the internet, that in no way indicates it is available for public use. Many popular Disney, NFL, and other professional sports team's logos are protected. We take this seriously and ask that you provide proof of a paid for lic. or a document showing you have permission to replicate that logo or design. We can still use your idea and make it something that is specific to you without infringing on a copyright. All of our images we use are paid for and come with a commercial use lic. for us to replicate and make an end product. We do not sell our graphic files though. Below is our actual policy on customer submitted graphics and files. "PLEASE NOTE: All images submitted, are subject to approval regarding any possible copyright and trademarks ownership. We reserve the right to refuse an image. You agree when submitting a images, it is yours legally to use and does not infringe on any copyrighted material. We may ask for proof of a licensing agreement and will keep a copy on file , if needed. "
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