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The Dogfish 8 can be customized for fishing, duck hunting, bird watching or as a dinghy. Proudly made in the Pacific Northwest in Bellingham WA, and made for our tough shores of the Puget Sound.

Made from the highest quality virgin poly and features a rotomolded one piece hull. Weighing in at only 98lbs, this little boat can handle a total load of 525lbs. Coming in at just 98" long and 48" makes for a great boat to just getaway from it all.


Standard Features include:  rotomolded Seat, NEW redesigned Transom for ease of storage (upright!), Molded-in transom handles, Molded-in oar locks, and new Square bow hatch (replaces the 8" round).


*Electric motor Ready option:  All the features of the standard Dogfishwith these upgrades: Factory installed Battery Tray,Wiring Harness with molded motor plug, and 40 amp Breaker.


CONTACT us for current availability and colors before ordering

Dogfish 8

PriceFrom $1,199.00
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